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I Logistics Consulting is a CargoWise Service Partner that has been founded with the mission to provide the best solutions to the Logistics industry. The founder has worked several years for forwarding companies and has hands-on experience with CargoWise as operations staff. It is while working with the program that she saw the potential of the system and how she wanted to help other logistics companies get the best out of program and increase productivity of the company.

We will find solutions for you and let you and your staff focus on your core business.

Logistics never stops and we are here to help.





CargoWise Service Partner

  • Forwarding

  • Warehouse

  • Transport

  • End User Training

  • System Configuration

  • Staff Security Definition and Setup

  • Document Customization

  • Setup & Maintenance of Workflow

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Regions Covered

Based in Brussels (Belgium)

Coverage over whole Europe

If you are out of Europe, you can contact us for more information

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- French

- Dutch

- English



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